5 Ways Live Chat Effectively Speeds Up Your Hiring Process

Live chat is new territory recently introduced into the recruitment space and it has already sped up recruitment for many staffing and corporate businesses.

Chelsea Hancock
By Chelsea Hancock 07/27/2018

Speed is crucial in recruitment. You have to work efficiently and timely to get the right candidates interviewed and hired, whether it’s for your client or within your company.

Live chat is new territory recently introduced into the recruitment space and it has already sped up recruitment for many staffing and corporate businesses.

Access New Pool of Candidates

Live chat has existed for years in other spaces and has drastically improved customer service and increased follow-through in online shopping. Consumers, dealing with an issue or question about a product, would rather chat online than call a customer representative on the phone, according to the J.D. Power U.S. Chat and Email Benchmarking Study.

According to Findly, 90% of candidates viewing your job won’t apply because they have unanswered questions. This is a massive opportunity! Just like when you’re shopping online, are you going to buy a product that you have questions about? No, you’re going to abandon your cart. If the seller is smart, there will be an option to chat directly with the seller and you’ll be better swayed to buy the product after getting your questions answered. 10 out of the top 10 online retailers incorporate live chat on their sites.

Live chat on your job posting allows you to save those candidates from abandoning your application. You would have never been able to talk with these candidates if the only option was for them to click “Apply Now”.  FlashRecruit recognizes this gap and has developed the only live chat software that seamlessly integrates with every job posting to connect candidates directly with the recruiter in charge of the job.

Submit Candidates Faster

FlashRecruit hears a lot of success stories from clients using the software. One client as they were coming onboard received a chat from a candidate who had already applied to the job. The recruiter quickly screened the candidate right in the chat and was able to submit them to their client right away. The recruiter admitted that if it weren’t for the chat feature, he wouldn’t have been able to get to the candidate’s application to screen the candidate until later that week and wouldn’t have submitted to the client until the week after - we all know that candidate would have been off the market by then.

Think about it: how long does your process take to screen an applicant and interview them to submit them? This client was able to chat with this candidate and within a couple of hours, the candidate was submitted.

Be First to Market

Cutting down the process to submit a candidate is awesome, but eliminating the time engaging the candidate is crucial. It should be no surprise that job seekers move on, if the process takes too long. In the words of Ricky Bobby, “If you ain’t first, you’re last.” Your job isn’t unique and even if working at your company is highly sought after, candidates aren’t going to wait around for you to get in contact with them. Live chat allows you to quickly engage with candidates, so you can move fast to claim the right to submit them. The great part of live chat is if you’re not quite ready to submit them and need to assess them more, you can by scheduling an interview right in the chat. Often times that call gets scheduled that same day.

Set up Automatic Screening

A big question we get is what happens when candidates try to chat with a recruiter when they’re busy or away from their desk? Well, FlashRecruit has a built-in screening technology that can be set up to ask the answers you need from the candidate prior to your conversation. With this setup, you’ll narrow down time spent within the conversation. If they don’t match a required qualification, you can eliminate them right then and there. Think about all of times you reviewed an application or even called a potential candidate and they didn’t meet a specific requirement, so you wasted your time…FlashRecruit fixes that!

Integrates with Your Workflow

The initial connection with a job seeker can be one of the most difficult tasks for a recruiter, but once you have that channel of communication, you can effectively get what you need out of it. While live chat is revolutionizing recruitment, it’s not going to replace any other tools you use. It’s important to stay diverse in your recruitment strategy, which is why FlashRecruit was built to integrate with your existing tools. If you’re a Bullhorn user, FlashRecruit’s live messaging platform allows you to export the contents of your chat and creates a candidate profile in your Bullhorn account to maintain it as your main source for candidate info. If you use different tools, mention them in your conversation with a FlashRecruit rep and they’ll work to develop an integration plan.

It’s time to bring live messaging in your recruitment strategy. Request a demo today and see for yourself how FlashRecruit is revolutionizing recruitment!

Chelsea Hancock

Chelsea Hancock

Chelsea Hancock is the Director of Marketing at FlashRecruit. Before joining the team, she spent some time in the world of recruitment working for a staffing agency. Beyond her work in marketing and recruitment, she has a passion for public speaking and volunteers as a coach and judge for Michigan Interscholastic Forensics Association (MIFA), an organization for competitive speech and theater.

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