How to Use Live Messaging in Your Recruitment Strategy

Integrating live messaging into your strategy is becoming table stakes in todays recruitment landscape.

Jeff Dolan
By Jeff Dolan 08/3/2018

Integrating live messaging into your strategy is becoming table stakes in todays recruitment landscape, so here are several best practices for incorporating live messaging in your daily recruiting plan.

Start with your Career Site

Put yourself in the shoes of job seekers on your website. Is your site easy to maneuver or is it cluttered with information? You know what candidates are looking for when they come to your site: JOBS! The most important thing they are looking for is not your blog or your about us page, it’s the full listing of jobs. With the chat link in the corner of every page on your career site, you can help guide lost candidates into your job cycle.

85% Increase in
Candidate Conversion Rates

Live Messaging in Your Job Postings

On each of your job postings, the candidate might have some difficulty really committing to the apply now button. 90% of candidates on your job postings will fall out of your apply process for the reason that they have unanswered questions.

Candidates are 3X More Likely to
Apply after Live Chatting
with a Recruiter

With the chat live button, those candidates can ask you those questions and get into application process. You can even do a light screen that results in those candidates skipping straight to the interview, speeding up the entire process and providing a better experience.

Add to Your Email & Social Campaigns

Emailing is a slow process and candidates know from experience. Many of them also don’t want to pick up the phone because it can be time-consuming or they are at work. Chatting live is the best options and attaching your chat live link will attract more candidates to talk to. In fact, we’ve seen engagement with email campaigns go from 9% to 36.9% instantly just by adding the option to chat live!

LinkedIn In-Mail Campaigns
received 43% Increase in Response
with a link to chat live

The same goes for your LinkedIn In-Mail campaigns. A candidate might not be ready to publicly connect with your recruiter, but they’ll be more inclined to chat with you. If you’re posting jobs in Facebook groups or on Twitter, you don’t want to put your email or phone number out there for just anyone to harass you. Including your chat live link not only increases the response rate, but also directs the incoming traffic to a more manageable, and informal platform.

Begin Chatting

FlashRecruit promotes your job across the network and you will shortly see requests to chat. Best practice when it comes to chatting is to accept or decline when the chat comes through if you can! Your recruiter will be able to see how long the candidate has been waiting. Don’t worry if you are unavailable to answer right away, we still provide for an excellent candidate experience by using configurable auto response messages.  

We pride ourselves in creating an easy on-boarding process and maintaining excellent customer experience throughout your lifetime with us. You will have a dedicated rep who will walk you and your staff through everything and will make sure your team is using the tool to its fullest potential.

Jeff Dolan

Jeff Dolan

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