The Top 10 Recruiting Tools on G2 Crowd

In this article, learn more about the top ten recruiting software tools that recruiters and hiring managers love.

Brianna Valleskey
By Brianna Valleskey 06/22/2017

From talent acquisition suites to pre-employment screening, the number of available recruiting tools on the market can seem overwhelming. How can recruiters and hiring managers decide what software is a good fit? 

Every recruiting process is different. Companies should evaluate what systems and softwares will generate the most ROI, and G2 Crowd’s peer-to-peer business solutions review platform is a good place to start. 

Here are the top recruiting tools ranked in order on G2 Crowd’s website. (Note that the G2 Crowd scores mentioned below are a composite satisfaction rating and market presence score. If G2 Crowd is not able to collect enough information about the market presence or user satisfaction of certain recruiting tools, the score will appear as “n/a.”) 

G2 Crowd’s Top Recruiting Tools

1. Zoho Recruit 

Popular among small businesses, Zoho Recruit allows recruiters to keep all of their candidate sourcing, tracking and hiring information all in one place. The software boasts a user-friendly interface and in-depth customization, as well as extensive reporting and forecasting. 

G2 Crowd Score: 72

Price: $25 per recruiter per month for the standard edition, and $50 per recruiter per month for the enterprise edition. 

2. FlashRecruit 

FlashRecruit is the world’s first live chat recruitment platform. As G2 Crowd’s description puts it, the FlashRecruit team has cracked the code on effectively reaching candidates by enabling a real-time connection between the job seeker and recruiter. Recruiters can offer live chat options to candidates on job postings, in emails and more. 

G2 Crowd Score: 59

Price: FlashRecruit offers tiered pricing for an unlimited number of users. Click here to access the 7-day free trial. 

3. Hello Talent 

This recruiting tool allows users to replace clunky spreadsheets with “talent pools” based on jobs, skillsets, teams and more. A browser extension makes it easy to add profiles from anywhere, and recruiters can even connect Hello Talent to their ATS. 

G2 Crowd Score: 56

Price: $59 per user per month for the premium edition. The company offers custom and bulk pricing for the enterprise edition (which includes access to the API), as well as a free version with limited features. 

4. Entelo Search

Entelo is a search engine for recruiters, providing access to more than 275 million candidate profiles. The tool aggregates data from over 50 sources across the web so that recruiters receive a holistic view of candidates. 

G2 Crowd Score: 47

Price: Click here to request a custom quote from Entelo Search. 

5. Ebsta for Bullhorn 

Ebsta offers a Bullhorn extension for Google Chrome, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word. This helps recruiters maximize their use of and productivity with Bullhorn because they can access it wherever they work. 

G2 Crowd Score: 27

Price: Pricing starts at $30 per user per month for a single Ebsta Toolbar on Chrome, Outlook or Microsoft Word. 

6. Dayforce

Dayforce is a cloud-based human capital management system that creates consistency for the HR process by maintaining a single employee record and user experience throughout the application. The HCM helps organizations find and hire the right people, process pay, manage benefits and more. 

G2 Crowd Score: n/a

Price: Click here to request a custom quote from Dayforce. 

7. Teamable 

With Teamable, companies can leverage the connections of their employees to locate and hire top talent. This employee referral engine utilizes the collective wisdom of current team members by retrieving their interconnected relationships on social media. 

G2 Crowd Score: n/a

Price: Click here to request a custom quote from Teamable. 

8. HireMojo

HireMojo’s recruiting tool enables hiring managers to automate the entire recruitment process, from job posting to candidate screening. This hiring automation software also manages the small details like emails, team collaboration and candidate closure. 

G2 Crowd Score: n/a

Price: Pricing starts at $395 for one job, but you can click here to request a custom quote based on your needs. 

9. Talent Genie

This ATS uses linguistic pattern recognition and artificial intelligence to identify top candidates and determine their current location in relation to the location of the position. In addition, Talent Genie lets you manage your entire workflow via a combination of feature-rich modules. 

G2 Crowd Score: n/a

Price: Click here to request a custom quote from Talent Genie. 

10. CRM-Recruitment

This recruiting tool is a customized applicant tracking system based on SugarCRM, an open source customer relationship management tool. CRM-Recruitment is a highly adjustable, low-cost solution that’s compatible with any version of SugarCRM. 

G2 Crowd Score: n/a

Price: $20 per user per month ($240 per user per year). The minimum order is $1,200 a year and includes five user licenses. 

Are there any recruiting tools that dramatically improve your hiring or recruiting process that aren’t included in this list? Let us know by sending us a message!

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