Why We Need to Change Communication in Recruitment

Live chat has already taken over e-commerce. Keep reading to see how it is tranforming the way recruiters are communicating with candidates today.

Chelsea Hancock
By Chelsea Hancock 07/20/2018

Raise your hand if you prefer picking up the phone to call your BFF instead of messaging them! Oh wait, I can’t see if you raised your hand, but I’m sure I made my point. Unless you don’t have a BFF… *insert sad violin*

Meme: Napoleon Dynamite "We Had a Meme War So I Guess You Can Say Things Are Getting Pretty Serious"

Needless to say, we’re not as likely to pick up the phone, so why does our recruitment strategy rely heavily on candidates calling our office line if they have questions about our jobs. Jeff Dolan, COO at FlashRecruit, dives deeper into the issue with our application process by saying “the apply now button is broken. We're losing 90 percent of candidates on our sites. The reason is that they're not just willing to jump into that formal apply process. They have questions before committing to the formal apply process.” Basically, we’re losing candidates because we don’t have an easy channel for candidates to get in touch with the recruiter.

Now, if you’re going to start listing your direct dial number and email address on every job posting, good luck! It’s not as effective as adding live chat in your recruitment strategy.

3 Communication Problems Solved with FlashRecruit

1. Higher Connection Rate

The problem isn’t just on the side of candidates not applying. Dolan further explained, “the problem is connecting with them. Historically, you've got phone calls, emails, in-mails, whatever it may be, all of them are less effective than they once were.” I mean, I can’t be the only one who screens calls from unknown numbers and has 67 unread emails just from recruiters.

Shortly after on boarding with FlashRecruit, Lauren from TriStarr Staffing commented on her experience saying, “it’s been going really well, much more improvement, and plenty of new candidates that we didn’t have before.” People are 3 times more likely to connect via live chat as they are over the phone or through email.

2. Better Applicant/Candidate Experience

Connecting candidates live on the job posting with the specific recruiter(s) in charge of the position helps ease the candidate through the application process and opens up a new channel of communication. According to Alexis from Westside Transport after using FlashRecruit, nice to have them be able to ask general questions, and not tie up the phone lines. FlashRecruit is quick, simple, and easy to use.” FlashRecruit was designed with the candidate in mind and is the only live chat software to include a button to chat on every job posting; the technology knows how to route the right candidate to the right recruiter, LIVE.

3. Bridging the Gap in Generational Differences

Yes, millennials are ruining everything, aren’t they? Mashable had an article about the 70 things millennials have destroyed so far, so why not add “Apply Now Buttons” to that list? As younger generations are moving into the workforce, attracting these workers requires better use of technology. According to a recent Software Advice study, people between the ages of 18 - 34 listed the primary reasons for choosing live chat over the phone was for no wait time and convenience.

In the age of the Internet where our need for instant gratification is often satisfied, sitting on the phone waiting to speak with a recruiter about something as simple as a potential qualification question is asking too much of candidates. The latest generation has never known a time without the Internet and while that’s an incredible statement, these candidates crave better options for answering their questions.

Ok, after all of that, you should have a better idea on what FlashRecruit does and how it solves the issues your company is experiencing in recruitment. If not, let the guys at FlashRecruit prove it to you in their demo. Schedule it yourself and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Chelsea Hancock

Chelsea Hancock

Chelsea Hancock is the Director of Marketing at FlashRecruit. Before joining the team, she spent some time in the world of recruitment working for a staffing agency. Beyond her work in marketing and recruitment, she has a passion for public speaking and volunteers as a coach and judge for Michigan Interscholastic Forensics Association (MIFA), an organization for competitive speech and theater.

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