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HR technology is an investment, not a cost

By Jon Phillips | 01/7/2019

As a sales professional I have seen the companies I’ve worked for invest significantly in technologies to help me do my job better. Everything from CRMs and prospecting tools to software that...

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Applications are no longer helping you - they're hurting you

Kaci Smith
By Kaci Smith | 12/4/2018

Your current candidate drop-off rate is unacceptable! Okay, so it’s not just YOUR candidate drop off rate. It’s the industry’s! 73% of all candidates that go to a career site will not formally...

How Conversational Recruitment is Changing Healthcare Recruiting

Chelsea Hancock
By Chelsea Hancock | 10/5/2018

Healthcare has been experiencing talent shortage for several years and as indicated by studies, the problem is only going to get worse. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare...

ChatBots Automate Conversations; NOT Candidate Experience

Jeff Dolan
By Jeff Dolan | 09/28/2018

In the world of recruitment, we need to be first and we need to be fast. We’re recruiting in a candidate-driven market that isn’t changing anytime soon, meaning candidates have more options and...

Haley Marketing Job Board Solution Drives Recruiting Efficiency and More Job Applications with FlashRecruit Live Chat

By Mandy Wittschen | 09/14/2018

Haley Marketing, the largest website development, social and content marketing firm serving the temporary staffing and executive recruiting industries, has partnered with FlashRecruit to offer...

The Similarities Between Recruiting Tools & Dating Apps

Russ Caris
By Russ Caris | 09/7/2018

What would you do if you could see every candidate who came across your job posting? You could view their resume, ask questions about what they’re looking for, but more importantly, YOU WOULD DROP...

Ways Your Recruiting Fails in a Candidate-Driven Market

Jeff Dolan
By Jeff Dolan | 08/31/2018

It’s tough to be a recruiter these days. Not too long ago, the job market favored recruiters as there were few good jobs and hundreds of good candidates. You could post a job, get tons of...

The Future of Recruitment

Chelsea Hancock
By Chelsea Hancock | 08/24/2018

Recruitment and HR has always been behind the times with technology. It’s about time that you advance your recruitment strategy to make sure you’re not just keeping up, but setting yourself apart...

Why ChatBots Can’t Answer Your Candidate’s Questions

Chelsea Hancock
By Chelsea Hancock | 08/17/2018

Okay… I just want to start off with a disclaimer: I AM NOT ABOUT TO BASH CHATBOTS. Fact is, there is certainly a place for chatbots in any industry. They help facilitate connections and can...

Differences between Live Messaging and Live Chat

Jeff Dolan
By Jeff Dolan | 08/10/2018

You probably have heard phrases like “live chat,” “live messaging,” or even “text recruiting.”  All of these phrases have been floating around the recruitment and hr spaces for a few years now,...

How to Use Live Messaging in Your Recruitment Strategy

Jeff Dolan
By Jeff Dolan | 08/3/2018

Integrating live messaging into your strategy is becoming table stakes in todays recruitment landscape, so here are several best practices for incorporating live messaging in your daily recruiting...

5 Ways Live Chat Effectively Speeds Up Your Hiring Process

Chelsea Hancock
By Chelsea Hancock | 07/27/2018

Speed is crucial in recruitment. You have to work efficiently and timely to get the right candidates interviewed and hired, whether it’s for your client or within your company.

Why We Need to Change Communication in Recruitment

Chelsea Hancock
By Chelsea Hancock | 07/20/2018

Raise your hand if you prefer picking up the phone to call your BFF instead of messaging them! Oh wait, I can’t see if you raised your hand, but I’m sure I made my point. Unless you don’t have a...

This Recruiting Platform Secures 120% More Candidate Interviews

Brianna Valleskey
By Brianna Valleskey | 06/25/2017

Almost every recruiting platform promises to increase your number of contacts, applicants, submittals and placements. But how many of them actually engage potential candidates? 

The Top 10 Recruiting Tools on G2 Crowd

Brianna Valleskey
By Brianna Valleskey | 06/22/2017

From talent acquisition suites to pre-employment screening, the number of available recruiting tools on the market can seem overwhelming. How can recruiters and hiring managers decide what...

Today's Top Recruiting Software Includes Real-Time Chat

Brianna Valleskey
By Brianna Valleskey | 06/21/2017

Modern staffing and HR professionals already understand the importance of recruiting software. Many rely on it. But for all the things applicant tracking and recruiting softwarecan do, there is...

Our recruiters need to be available and ready to communicate HOW and WHEN a candidate wants -- FlashRecruit enables us to do that.

Rich, Recruiter at SystemOne

For the candidate, this eliminates the anxiety of talking to a recruiter and it’s less formal.

Olia, Recruiter at Maximus

FlashRecruit is a great option for nurses to communicate with us, it’s faster and appeals to anyone who doesn’t like calling or emailing.

Danielle Brown, Healthcare Recruiter at Parallon Workforce Solutions

It’s really frustrating to see the perfect candidate over and over and not get a response, this enables a new way to connect -- and to start the conversation.

Drew, Recruiter at Insight Global

I had never came across this candidate on LinkedIn or the boards before, so that was exciting!

Josh Franzen, Technical Recruiter at Vaco Technology