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Ways Your Recruiting Fails in a Candidate-Driven Market

Jeff Dolan
By Jeff Dolan | 08/31/2018

It’s tough to be a recruiter these days. Not too long ago, the job market favored recruiters as there were few good jobs and hundreds of good candidates. You could post a job, get tons of...

Differences between Live Messaging and Live Chat

Jeff Dolan
By Jeff Dolan | 08/10/2018

You probably have heard phrases like “live chat,” “live messaging,” or even “text recruiting.”  All of these phrases have been floating around the recruitment and hr spaces for a few years now,...

How to Use Live Messaging in Your Recruitment Strategy

Jeff Dolan
By Jeff Dolan | 08/3/2018

Integrating live messaging into your strategy is becoming table stakes in todays recruitment landscape, so here are several best practices for incorporating live messaging in your daily recruiting...

Our recruiters need to be available and ready to communicate HOW and WHEN a candidate wants -- FlashRecruit enables us to do that.

Rich, Recruiter at SystemOne

For the candidate, this eliminates the anxiety of talking to a recruiter and it’s less formal.

Olia, Recruiter at Maximus

FlashRecruit is a great option for nurses to communicate with us, it’s faster and appeals to anyone who doesn’t like calling or emailing.

Danielle Brown, Healthcare Recruiter at Parallon Workforce Solutions

It’s really frustrating to see the perfect candidate over and over and not get a response, this enables a new way to connect -- and to start the conversation.

Drew, Recruiter at Insight Global

I had never came across this candidate on LinkedIn or the boards before, so that was exciting!

Josh Franzen, Technical Recruiter at Vaco Technology