This Recruiting Platform Secures 120% More Candidate Interviews

Learn how Steph Shanahan of StaffWorks Group went from 20 interviews to 55 interviews just by adding live chat to her job postings.

Brianna Valleskey
By Brianna Valleskey 06/25/2017

Almost every recruiting platform promises to increase your number of contacts, applicants, submittals and placements. But how many of them actually engage potential candidates? 

Stephanie Shanahan can tell you. She’s the director of operations for Staffworks Group, Michigan’s foremost full-service staffing agency. Stephanie was kind enough to chat with us about her experience with the world’s first live chat recruiting platform: FlashRecruit

Like most staffing agencies, the Staffworks team relied heavily on advertisements and referrals before FlashRecruit. Recruiters would spend all day cold calling applicants. But research from Baylor University shows that less than 30% of cold calls are answered, and the team at Staffworks experienced similar frustrations. Stephanie told me that recruiters have a hard time getting people to simply answer the phone from a number they don’t recognize. 

FlashRecruit changed that. The recruiting platform is the first real-time chat service specifically built for recruitment with the intention of connecting the right candidate to the right recruiter. Staffing agencies have the ability to include “chat now” options for candidates in their current ATS, job postings, emails and even their FlashRecruit profiles. 

“Candidates can use the chat option at their leisure,” Stephanie said. “It just connects them right to us, instead of us having to call, leave messages and play phone tag. We’re able to connect with them right away, even if we are already on the phone with another candidate.”  

The team at Staffworks has seen numerous benefits and ROI from utilizing a live chat recruiting platform. Here are just a few. 

3 Major Benefits of a Live Chat Recruiting Platform 

1. A live chat recruiting platform facilitates better conversations.

For a recent placement job, Stephanie sent out a blast on Indeed for 300 candidates and decided to use FlashRecruit, because she didn’t have time to constantly be on the phone and knew that response rates via email are low. A typical job posting secures about 20-25 people to come in for interviews. Stephanie was able to schedule 55 interviews in a single day using the live chat recruiting platform - a 120% increase in the number of candidate interviews.

“There were so many chat requests coming in that I was starting to have a panic attack, because I was worried that I couldn’t keep up with them,” Stephanie said jokingly. “But it was actually great. And I had much better success with FlashRecruit and chatting with candidates than I did just cold calling. That was huge.”

FlashRecruit has helped recruiters at Staffworks to better connect with candidates, even in locations that historically have struggled. Nowadays, people don’t want to talk on the phone, Stephanie explained, but they do want to talk on the computer. That’s why FlashRecruit works. 

2. A live chat recruiting platform secures more interviews.

Stephanie said that chatting over the computer seems to create more comfort for candidates, as well. Because candidates don’t hear the other person’s voice and potentially feel judged, they are able to answer more honestly. 

Here’s how she explained it: “On the computer, there’s no face - no name - so candidates are able to ask any questions that they might not ask before. And a lot of time is saved when we say that we’re going to do a drug screen and background check, and the candidates say ‘Well, ok. I can’t pass it.’ They’re more likely to say stuff like that to you.” 

While you may think that this would make less people come in for interviews, the opposite is true. For the Stephanie’s placement job that we talked about above, she had 35 people show up (whereas a typical job only sees about 10 people). The live chat recruiting platform helped her see 350% more candidates come in for interviews. 

3.  A live chat recruiting platform re-engages stranded assets.

In addition to engaging new candidates, FlashRecruit also gives Staffworks the ability to re-engage candidates who are already in the system. Stephanie sends a mass email every week to candidates that recruiters weren’t able to get in touch with. In the email, she prompts candidates to schedule an interview with a recruiter and then provides a link to the live chat. 

“People we could have missed out on before now have a chance to reconnect with recruiters. One job posting could have up to 300 applicants - that’s a lot of people to look through and cold call,” Stephanie said. She added that most jost postings have the chat link on there, but the mass email to applicants catches candidates who didn’t see or choose that option before. 

4.  A live chat recruiting platform increases recruiter efficiency.

Most chat conversations are quick. Stephanie said the average conversation is between 1 and 2 minutes. Plus, she has pre-written intro messages and responses to certain questions, which helps speed up her process. 

The platform also allows you to have multiple chats with different candidates open at once. Recruiters are notified when a they receive a response, so they can just click back and forth between chat windows. Stephanie loves that this gives her the freedom to multitask.

“It’s hard to be on the phone and do your work and try to talk to candidates and respond to emails, etc. But with FlashRecruit, you can have the screen open and just go back to your work. It really helps in getting everything done,” she said. 

In the age of digital conversations, a live chat recruiting platform just makes sense. From multitasking to re-engaging passive candidates, FlashRecruit’s platform has proven results. Want to learn more about how live chat can revolutionize your recruiting process? Click here to talk to someone from the FlashRecruit team. 

“This is a game-changer,” Stephanie said. “It’s a really big deal that we’re able to do this.” 

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