Today's Top Recruiting Software Includes Real-Time Chat

Live chat has already taken over e-commerce. Keep reading to see how it is tranforming the way recruiters are communicating with candidates today.

Brianna Valleskey
By Brianna Valleskey 06/21/2017

Modern staffing and HR professionals already understand the importance of recruiting software. Many rely on it. But for all the things applicant tracking and recruiting softwarecan do, there is one thing it can’t: better communicate with applicants.

Candidates and recruiters need a more effective way to start and have a conversation. This has caused the rise of live-chat recruitment platforms, offering candidates the option to live chat with recruiters in all the places they already connect - job ads, hiring websites, emails and more. 

Chat communication allows candidates to speak to recruiters when they want, where they want, and how they want, which is one reason this recruiting software is taking the staffing industry by storm. Here are just a few others. 

3 Reasons Real-Time Chat is a Top Recruiting Software

1. Candidates want better communication during the application process.  

Last year, CareerArc asked 826 job seekers and 374 HR professionals what employers should improve in the recruitment process. While 55 percent of employers think candidates want a better online application process, 60 percent of candidates actually said they want better communication throughout and after the applicant process. 

This shows that recruiters are not aligning their processes with what candidates are telling them would help the most. It’s simple. To create a better experience for applicants, improve your communication. And live chat is the most favorable form of communication for consumers, according to a report from Zendesk. Why would candidates be any different? 

2. Chat is a preferred, easy-to-use form of communication. 

Speaking of communication channels, live chat has a higher satisfaction rate than email, social media and phone calls. Customer Service Benchmark data from eDigital shows that 73 percent of consumers rate their satisfaction with live chat high, and 67 percent find the medium easy to use. 

That’s not all. If you don’t think these findings reflect candidates, LinkedIn Solutions data demonstrates otherwise. Almost 90 percent of talent says being contacted by their recruiter can make them accept a job offer faster. So, actively communicating with candidates via their favorite channel can result in more placements. 

3. We’re in a candidate-driven market (and candidates want to chat). 

This isn’t news. Surveys have shown as far back as 2014 that the market is candidate-driven. The news is that recruiters say employers are still not getting the message

According to HR thought leader Dr. John Sullivan, recruiters must dramatically improve the candidate experience. CareerBuilder agrees. The 2016 edition of CareerBuilder’s Candidate Behavior study calls for rebuilding the candidate experience, stating that the recruitment process has become increasingly impersonal. And research from that study reveals that before applying, 72 percent of applicants want to talk to a recruiter. 

What’s more, LinkedIn’s 2016 Global Talent Trends Report found that 90 percent of professionals want to hear from recruiters. But, the report goes on the say, their biggest challenge is not knowing enough about the company or jobs. Data from FlashRecruit shows that candidates have an average of 1-3 questions about job postings. With live chat, recruiters can easily answer those. 

Even for companies with a full stack of recruiting software, chat platforms are a must. Data proves not only the prominence, but popularity, of chat as a communication tool for businesses that speak directly with potential customers and clients. In short, people want to use chat. That’s why live-chat recruitment platforms are becoming an essential piece of recruiting software.

Brianna Valleskey

Brianna Valleskey

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