Ways Your Recruiting Fails in a Candidate-Driven Market

Today, the market has flipped to the complete opposite where candidates have a wide range of job choices and there aren’t very many active job seekers.

Jeff Dolan
By Jeff Dolan 08/31/2018

It’s tough to be a recruiter these days. Not too long ago, the job market favored recruiters as there were few good jobs and hundreds of good candidates. You could post a job, get tons of qualified applicants to choose from, send them through your hiring process and not have to worry about speeding through your process to secure those candidates.

Today, the market has flipped to the complete opposite where candidates have a wide range of job choices and there aren’t very many active job seekers. “We're in the midst of one of the most difficult hiring markets of all time,” according to Inc Magazine.

The Change from Recruiter-Driven to Candidate-Driven

It’s all about who’s in the driver seat. Both describe the labor market and strategies for recruitment, but both are owned by each side of the coin. Back in the day, recruiters could make more choices in their hiring and process. Today, candidates have the driver seat as the unemployment rate is at a low and new jobs are opening up everyday. With the rise of technology, candidates also have more opportunity to choose and find jobs easier.

With the utilization of candidate-driven software, recruiters can satisfy candidate needs without sacrificing time efficiency or quality in hires. FlashRecruit is an example of candidate-driven technology. While FlashRecruit pushes out your jobs over our sponsorship network, candidates start the chat and get to drive the initial conversation. FlashRecruit also is a tool that passive candidates flock to as they don’t have to commit to the job while exploring their options.

How Your Strategy is Failing to Keep Up

A candidate-driven market fundamentally means more competition for recruiters and employers, so it’s important to refine your strategy to avoid falling behind.


This is where many recruiters fail and it’s not 100% their own fault. It’s as a result of bad timing or lack of technology to automate their work. It should come at no surprise to you that in today’s labor market that candidates will easily move on to a new job opportunity or may get snatched up by another recruiter faster than you. As referenced in a previous blog 5 Ways Live Chat Effectively Speeds Up Your Hiring Process, “If you’re not first, you’re last.”- Ricky Bobby.


It’s not about having napping pods, free snacks, or a company pool table. Culture is about the people at your company. It’s about your brand and how others see you. For example, we got to take a sneak peek of the culture at Google in the movie, The Internship. However, culture wasn’t depicted by the slides connecting the floors or the nap pods. That’s a bonus. It’s the innovation, competitive, but educational environment that draws candidates every day to seek out a job at Google. Candidates are looking at your website, your social media, and anywhere else your company is present to find any company events, pictures of their potential coworkers, and posts about what you’re doing to keep your employees engaged through educational programs.   

Candidate Experience

We’re not asking you to throw a party for each applicant or cater to the specific needs of each candidate that looks at your job posting. Candidate experience is about the process from the candidate’s perspective.

  1. The candidate should have the ability for open communication with you as the recruiter.
  2. The entire process shouldn’t take a long time and you should always keep the candidate in the loop
  3. You need to be transparent about the process with the candidate

If you expect the candidate to wait through a 5-8 week process without any notification, then you’re setting yourself up to LOSE that candidate instantly! FlashRecruit allows you to keep that open communication and be transparent through the process. We also help you cut down the time-to-hire and expedite the process.   

Competitive Pay & Benefits

With candidates having the ability to find the best offer out there, it’s crucial you do your research and offer a competitive rate at first offer! PayScale does an excellent job at outlining reasonable salary expectations to meet industry standard. If you can’t match with industry standard, then you need to push phenomenal benefits, such as excellent healthcare coverage, flexible work schedule, etc.

Jeff Dolan

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